Poetry and Me…

    If I taught a class, in poetry, I’d say this “ALL of us are Poets at heart”, we have all written one.(Anyone can “write a few poems).
Yet Poetry has a Unique thing about it, and You’ll know if your “really” a poet. I meen one who has a box full..hundreds of poems..sitting in a hope chest in the Attic..The difference is how a poem is found..Some sit for hours putting together a poem like a puzzle..Yet, poetry – will haunt you..follow you around. You’ll have to write them down. If you don’t they will bug you untill you do…Poetry is out there, picture it floating around..just bobbing alone..taking up no space. It is first a thought that becomes a poem..something written on paper, taking up space.

I have no idea, if i’m a good or bad poet..how does one judge their own work? All pictures and poems on this blog is by me, Connetta Jean. Unless otherwise stated. Some poems have been published over the years, and
Are being used with Permission..I have several sets of poetry,,, this one is about farm life….or growing up Country….to find other sets please look at my blogrolls..i’ll post a link.ASAP.

this blog is simply to seperate my poetry into little chapbooks..so one need not shift through over 100 poems to find the ones tagged just right…this blog is Just About Farming….Enjoy.

If you found me a stranger, may you soom be my friend



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