Yesterdays Farm

It was Late in August
A hot summer day
The bright sun was setting
(I had a hour to play..)
So I  walked  in the woods
And followed a stream…
Taking time to make time
For myself  just to dream..
I came to a old cabin
With a garden and barn
Memorys of  A yesterday
When life held more charm..
where gardens was planted
right out the back door
And apples and Berrys
Went in a cellar to store..
I thought how the old days
Was more modern about “things”
Like chopping their own heat
And getting water from springs..
No bills for  Utilities
No meters to read..
When family’s together
Got their groceries from seed.
I felt peaceful and safe
as i watched the sun going town
wishing i could go back
Bring them old days back around..
To do it the old way
and have all the charm
that i felt when i stumbled
Upon Yesterday’s Farm…


~ by romancingtheseason on February 24, 2010.

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