Old Barns and pictures…

you  just gotta love
a little old barn
touched by time
with it’s own charm..
the weathered wood
shines bright in the sun..
Proud and still standing..
(it’s time isn’t done)………
Think  of the tales
that could be told
if barns could talk
of memories they hold..
each one is different
no two are the same..
to see them fading
away, is a shame.
so if you happen upon
a old one please take
a picture and treasure
the portraits they make..
for someday they will
be old memories…
this one was saying
“take my picture, please”!


~ by romancingtheseason on February 24, 2010.

One Response to “Old Barns and pictures…”

  1. Though they are all different seeing an old barn envokes memories of my grandfathers old barn and the summers spent working there. Thank you and I love the photo.

    – Erik Aarness

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