Farmers and Heaven

“Do Farmers farm in Heaven?”
My young son asked me, so sad..
So many times he’d ridden on
The tractor with my Dad..
“Sure they do”, I told him as
His eyes turned to the sky.
“God gives us all a job to do
In Heaven when we die”.
“But, what do Farmers plant up there?”
He asked , so sure that I would know..
So I said “come sit, let’s talk a bit”
“about what farmers in Heaven grow..”
I told how there was so much food
with  fields of flowers everywhere,
And how a farmer like his Grandpa
Was really needed there..
Then  his eyes turned  towards the window
At the tractor by the barn
And he said( as if I didn’t know)
 ”But he forgot his tractor Mom”
I smiled and tickled him a bit
Saying “Grandpa knows that too….
Heaven  has a lot of tractors so..
He left his here for you.”


~ by romancingtheseason on February 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Farmers and Heaven”

  1. Love everyone of your poems… but this one hit home. Thank You!

  2. You are most welcome. Washingtonbound,,,
    I’m trying to put all my poetry into sets..and each set will have at least 24 poems with pictures..All the sets are different.
    I thought to do this because i’d like someday to make a little moving C.D. of poetry to put on a end table or coffetable..
    Oh well…if you like farm poems, stay tuned..i’ve only done around 5 of the farm poems..there will be around 24 soon as i go through and seperate the poems..just started this venture yesterday.

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