The Falling Of Time..

•February 25, 2010 • 1 Comment

At the top of a hill
close to the county line
I found her falling…
A house
that once held
laughter and tears…
so silently she seemed
to be dying..
surround by fencelines
and weeds…
the old barn
stronger than her
faithfully stood
at her side…
His memories too
have been many…..
the rust on the silos
spoke of  time
standing still
against blue skies………..
and the reaping of
seeds once sowed
on fertile land.


Going Home…

•February 25, 2010 • 1 Comment

Down a old gravel road
On a hill I go home
To visit the reasons
I don’t feel alone..
Where good people  love  me
‘Cause  I’m one of their own..
A place out in the country
That i call Home sweet home..
Where chickens are laying
And Horses run free..
Where Grandma is baking
A pie just for me..
Where  all the Men gather
By the barn talking cars…
And women talk about babies
 and  empty out canning jars..
Where children feel safe
Even when they are grown.
And love is the reason
It still feels like  Home…

Sunflower Smiles…

•February 24, 2010 • Leave a Comment


i started a seed
planted in early spring
Now July has ended
and she’s a beautiful thing..
tall and straight
She’s full grown right now..
I sowed now I’m reaping
a sunflower smile..

Holding On..

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High upon
the hill she stands
built by long
forgotten hands..
looking down
upon the land
she’s holding on
the best she can.
it might be soon
(it won’t be long)
she will fall
she’s not that strong..
if i could help her
stand i would…
but time has touched
Her  weathered wood.

The Volunteer…

•February 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

She was a volunteer  from last year
Survived  A bitter winter’s cold
she grew tall, (12 feet in all)
Bee’s  treated her like gold.
If all goes well, ( one can never tell
what Father time might have in store.)..
she’ll hang real  low  with seeds in tow.
and have a  hunderded kids or more..
Some the birds will beat me to
others i’ll save in a jar..
but when winter gives way to spring
Volunteer’s will show where they are…
For now she shines benieth the sun
Petals blowing in a summers wind..
She’s the part of summer days
i wish would never end…

Yesterdays Farm

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It was Late in August
A hot summer day
The bright sun was setting
(I had a hour to play..)
So I  walked  in the woods
And followed a stream…
Taking time to make time
For myself  just to dream..
I came to a old cabin
With a garden and barn
Memorys of  A yesterday
When life held more charm..
where gardens was planted
right out the back door
And apples and Berrys
Went in a cellar to store..
I thought how the old days
Was more modern about “things”
Like chopping their own heat
And getting water from springs..
No bills for  Utilities
No meters to read..
When family’s together
Got their groceries from seed.
I felt peaceful and safe
as i watched the sun going town
wishing i could go back
Bring them old days back around..
To do it the old way
and have all the charm
that i felt when i stumbled
Upon Yesterday’s Farm…

Life On A Farm…

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High on a hill sits a old rugged barn
(All that’s left of  A  old family farm)
with no heart to sell or tear it’s walls down
the family all voted to keep it around
No tractor is plowing,no cows in the fields
land sitting idle, where crops brought in yields
I go there to sit, on the hill cross the way
to look at the old barn that still stands today.
I picture the children, at play on the farm
Helping their father put hay in that barn..
i picture a woman with  canning jars full
harvesting  her garden,warming her soul.
I picture the house, that fell to the ground
and wonder what happened how it fell down
with  memories tucked in her walls and floors
with all the times going in and out her doors
I’m sure it was sad when it fell to the ground
she took a lot with her when she went down
now A Barn sad and lonesome sits on that hill
holding on to  the Memories now silent and still..
of laughter and work,and all of the charm
that make up the memories of life on a farm..